Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome to my mission

The idea behind this is solely due to my brother being in my mission and to remember everything that happened back in the day. I remember a lot of people and loved everyone that I met while in Belo Horizonte as well as every other city that I served in. It also gives people a chance to really know what happens in a mission and how we learn the language and may provide someone with the desire to know more. This is not in any way for self promotion because anything I gain from this opportunity and experience is based upon the Spirit blessing me with memories and reminders of one of the best if not the best experiences of my life. I am grateful that my brother Donnie is serving there as well. It is a fun and common thread between us and I hope that he gains as much from his mission as I have.

I hope that whoever reads this gets a bit of an idea as to who I am through my writing style and is willing to accept that not everyday is a great day, but everyday has its memories whether good or bad. I may place some personal conjecture or comments from today if a day hit a nerve or was a great day. I will mark what is from now and what is straight from my journal. I actually did write everyday, so you will have a daily post of everything that occurred. I didn't write manuals while in the MTC because while there was a LOT of spiritual moments, I was getting in the mood/habit to write a journal since I hadn't written in months to years prior to.

All this said, let's begin on Day 1 in the MTC...nothing better than jumping right into this!

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