Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chapter 29--11.1.94

Today Marion D. Hanks spoke and shared some beautiful words. Our district meeting was pretty cool.

Chapter 28- 10-31-94

Today really picked up after class. We had a big party with all kinds of candy donated by many parents. We put it all over the floor and just ate away...we couldn't care less where the candy came from ;)Happy Halloween!

Chapter 27--10-30-94

I went to correlation for the first time. We went to all of our regular meetings, your everyday Sunday. But it was a good Sunday President Campbell taught us how to create our own football team in respect to the Church and it's leaders.

Chapter 26- 10.29.94

What are my feelings about the Savior? Well I know that without him, I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't be alive. The atonement and sacrifice and resurrection are as sacred as my covenants in the temple. I know my Savior lives. I love him for sacrificing himself for me, a sinner who has seen the light and hasn't any desire to ruin it. In these 3 weeks-I've learned so much about Christ. I bought Jesus The Christ. I like it, it tells me the type of account that I really want to hear. My life has really been centered around him. Why would I go to Ricks in Idaho? Why would I have a couple of perfect attendance years in seminary? I love to learn about my Saviorand I really do wish I could learn more about him which is why I bought the book. His atonement has worked miracles in my life already and those things thatI have done personally to make him bleed. I have promised that I will never do them again. I am sorry for the things that I have done wrong to this end. I realize the power of sin and its weight on my conscience. I love my Savior and the fact that he died that I may live and he knew he was doing it for me. He knew that with my downfalls, my life must be spared with the righteous which I have a hard time with at times...but I know now things that will keep me from sinning again even if I am writing this on Sunday..Anyway I can't express in words with ease all that the Savior has done for me..I say this from the heart, en nome de Jesus Cristo, Amem.

Chapter 25---10-28-94

I always think on Friday nights about the football games then look out across the Utah valley -no lights anywhere! This gospel is so rad..I didn't see lights and my focus returns to where it belongs...each day is very repetitive.

Chapter 24- 10-27-94

Today is Donnie's birthday- I couldn't forget and I hope he had an awesome 6th birthday. My day was long--the subjunctive concepts are difficult but not impossible.

Chapter 23--10.26.94

We woke up at 0430 to do our laundry. we then had breakfast and went to the temple. We played 3 games of ultimate Frisbee and ditched dinner..between meatloaf an spaghetti there is no winner.