Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chapter Two-10-6-94

Today we woke up early (5:30!) We had an early breakfast. We went shopping for some stuff and we had orientation. I got a haircut, then went to class. We had our first cantar e orar (sing and pray). The Enforcer (Brother Bailiff) taught us the first discussion. It was a very spiritual time. The meals are 3 times a day but I guess it is not too hot in Brasil and I don't mean the temp! I feel happy to be here, it is a fun experience. I had my first interview. I am the Sr. for 4 weeks then Elder Young will have his turn-life is good at day two.

I also met a few old friends and their missions are as follows:
Elder Joel Votaw-Raleigh, NC
Elder Reid Sullivan-Dominican Republic West
Elder Nate Anderson-Philippines

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