Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chapter Three-10-7-94

Today was pretty cool. We had gym today for the first time. We learned regular present verb conjugations and even though we sing all the time, tonight we sang really well-We sang Careco de Jesus (I Need Thee Every Hour). It was so awesome-Sister Hodson really brings out the spirit in all of us. Irma Hodson realmente traza no Espirito Santo em todo munde. I hope that I'll be able to sing in Brazil and feel the same thing I felt tonight. If nothing else, I'll probably know the language better. It's still really difficult. But after 3 days, it doesn't just come, you really have to work for it. But I am going to do my hardest to learn as fast as I can. Elder (Nate)Tanner is pretty smart.

*(1/7/09) I am going to maintain the Portuguese in the diary, I will translate what I choose, but for the most part, I will translate everything that is there, lol-the diary is still what it there are things that are still somewhat personal but that is the interesting part of a diary, it gives you everything about that person and the experience so some people will get more from this than others and those who speak Portuguese and English will get it all. The reason for keeping the Portuguese is for language progression and to see the errors when I was still learning the language*

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