Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chapter One-10.5.94

Oi! Can you ever explain the feelings of any new experience that first day?I got my shots and my companion Elder Mike Young from Perry UT. MTC food? That is scary, but I think I'll live. It is non toxic. I left my Levo-T pills in the glove compartment, so I told everybody and made 2 phone calls-lo and behold they were there for me here a few hours ago. This was a great first day. I'll miss my family, but we all know this is where I should be. Elder Penrod is the AP here. President Campbell is the Branch President and President Barney is the MTC President.

*(1/6/09)you will notice that every post is a new chapter, as is everyday of our lives...we write a book with our lives and everyday we decide how it will turn out, sometimes based on the days before (damage control from errors) OR progressive action that helps us in the future which also has its own positive consequences*

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